So many faces
Smiles, personalities
But I can’t see you
I can’t find you
I keep looking
I keep searching
On the streets
Outside the window
I think of you
Every day, every moment
In the song I hear
In every thing I fear
But I know
One day, some day
You will be here

The more you try
The more you are pulled back
Lost in that small world
You feel trapped forever

You cry, you complain
Shout, wail, curse yourself
But you still keep going back
In those endless loops of hopelessness

Its time to move on
Leave him behind
You shall gain nothing from holding on
You haven’t

I know its hard and painful
And maybe I cannot comprehend
Your pain, the misery
But believe me I have been there

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothing but the truth
He is not the one, he never was
So rise, shine and seize the day
Move on my friend, move on

You always wanted to
But you never took the leap
The leap of faith
That bold step forward

Regret kills you now
Memories haunt you
If I had done that
Wouldn’t life be worth living

And maybe, something precious
Something you treasured
Has been lost, has gone forever
And only ashes remain

Now, you wait for days to end
For someone to come back
You stand at the door
Gaze out of the window

That some day, some time
They might return
And you might rejoice again
Jump again, laugh again

Hope keeps you alive
But regret
Pinches you, like that painful soar
And reminds you to never
Never ever, make that mistake again


Sometimes, the strangest of people
Can surprise you
Can raise your spirits so high
That they become unforgettable

And it happens so soon
In a moment, time flies by
And you realise
How much you were touched

Don’t you want to relive that moment
Again and again
And never ever let it fly away
Just tie it to the door

What stays
Are memories, moments
What else is important anyways
Apart from being surprised


Whats the best feeling in the world
To love or be loved
Does it matter, maybe it does
Why analyse, why think, why say

Enjoy that moment, that secret happiness
When you are smiling and everybody’s watching
And dreaming, day-dreaming, all the time
Look what happened, did you just realise that

Is that why we love again, and again
No matter how much we think we can’t
It comes back, moves you, touches you
In ways nothing else can

Was’t life simpler without it
And you got pulled and you pulled it
Like a self fulfilling prophesy
It stands tall, surrounds you

Do you want to escape, can you
Where will you go but
Can you hide from my heart
How far will you run


Say it, share it
It will make you lighter
Will bring you closer
To him, to her, to them

It is the most powerful antidote
The answer to every question
Can be life threatening
But don’t stop it

Because what’s life without it anyways
And who are you running from
Isnt this all in your head
Arent you your only enemy


If I had a better job
If life was easier
If he wasn’t far away
If she understood me

If I had more money
If we got more time
If they could live together
If the world was merrier

If there was no crime
If all people were kind
If I could just see you now
If we could run away somewhere

If time could stop
If nothing would change
If you knew me a little more
If I could make you happier

Doesn’t if give us hope
And keeps us going
What if if wasnt there